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25/02/2020, 17:14:25

It is often said that it takes two to Tango. In the case of a service-driven company, it’s the chemistry between customers and people that makes the music. It is often said that it takes two to Tango. In the case of a service-driven company, it’s the chemistry between customers and people that makes the music.

The workshop helps you to find solutions for:

  • Build skills among supervisors and HR teams on strategic recruitment, development, and retention of key personnel.
  • Create a dialogue and a common frame of reference between the “C-levels” and the “experts”.
  • Harvest people-owned competence into company owned tools and processes.
  • Manage intangible assets of a company.
  • Utilize resources wisely by monitoring the balance sheet and KPIs.
  • Stop competitors from stealing your key employees and clients.
  • Develop talent management strategy and balance stakeholders’ benefits.
  • Build a solid corporate culture.
  • Generate positive cash flow and profit.

Program format:

  • In the simulation, 4-6 knowledge-intensive firms enter into stiff competition as they try to win clients and recruit key personnel in a rapidly changing marketplace.
  • The overriding challenge is attract and retain the right clients and employees in order to create short-term profits and long-term value.

As a result of simulation experience, the participants will be equipped to:

  • Gain a competitive edge – to attract the right employees and clients.
  • Strategically plan and staff projects for optimal capacity utilization.
  • Maximize cash flow and profitability – to provide for flexibility and growth.
  • Grow your company’s know-how – not just the competence of the employees.
  • Retain and develop your people in line with their goals and your company’s strategic vision.

What clients say:

“We found that we could identify and manage the highly critical success factors in a knowledge company and actually quantify the results of our decisions. Celemi Tango is a great learning laboratory that had a very positive impact on our business management.”– General Manager, Hewlett Packard.

“During the workshop I spent all night stressing and worrying about how I could keep my simulated staff from being headhunted – then I realized I had never spent five minutes worrying about my real people. I’m going home to write a retention plan.” – Participant, Club Corp.

“The most important take away from the seminar, was the understanding of business in general, business processes, and the ability to assess the impact of their decisions on the entire company.” – Manager, Kraft Foods.

For registration: Ms. Thuy Nguyen

Tel: + 84 28 3930 2242 - 0903 70 80 84 - E: clientservice@bemind.com.vn

Time: 13.06.2019 (08:30-17:30) & 14.06.2019 (08:30 – 12:00)

Venue: SaiGon Prince Hotel - 63 Nguyen Hue, District 1, HCMC


Early payment (payment before May 30th, 2019): 4,300,000 vnd

Standard fee: 4,800,000 vnd

Group Registering fee (4 Seats): 4,000,000 vnd

All Tickets include as follow:

  • Accreditation program
  • 10% VAT
  • A substitute is acceptable and the participation fee is non-refundable for cancellation.
  • Handbook & material for participants
  • 3 Tea Breaks
  • 1 Lunch

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