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10/08/2016, 14:02:12

 Goal Alignment

Cosmetic industry

2-day program for senior decision makers

Business simulation plus outside activities


  •    Create engagement and commitment for new company goal

•    Create alignment following company values 

•    Help building action planning from all departments  


Cost Program Implementation   

Plastic industry 

2-day program for senior directors


•    Defining the urgency for innovation in the organization and identifying barriers to change

•    Defining vision and success factors for the ‘creative organization’

•    Aligning opportunities and priorities for business innovation 

•    Help employee understand financial language 

•    Building engagement and commitment for company's cost saving program  

•    Getting in detailed saving plan for each department  



Create Change program  

IT outsourcing company

1.5 day program for national senior managers


•    Helps managers understand the market situation and customers’ expectation.

•    Create rational and emotional reasons for changes

•    Building action plans for achieving the targets for individual and across



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