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16/08/2016, 10:38:35


Stay Innovative 

CREATING CONDITIONS FOR BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION – Innovation is one of our time’s major success criteria. Companies that create new ideas can better tackle the fierce competition of today. New concepts – for new products, production efficiency or other – will help your company gain a competitive advantage. Idea generation is often stronger in companies where collaboration is a part of the culture. Employees that are allowed to step outside their own expertise areas, to learn from and work with people from other disciplines, are more likely to be truly creative.

 For many organizations, however, the challenge is just how to create the right conditions for breakthrough innovation.

 What Your People Will Learn

 The Medici Game™ is a motivating seminar, where participants get to challenge themselves and reflect on what it takes to inspire innovation and foster creativity in an organization.

 How will we make it happen?

The game is based on the bestselling book “The Medici Effect” by Frans Johansson. Johansson introduces the land of ideas; the Intersection; which is a place where ideas from different fields and cultures meet and collide, ultimately igniting an explosion of extraordinary new innovations. During the Medici Game, your employees get to consider what type of conditions foster – or obstruct – innovation and consider whether they’re currently working with the right assumptions. They will be able to think of how well their organization today leverages on the company diversity to explore, find, and capitalize on new growth opportunities?

At Celemi, when we talk about innovation we mean disruptive innovation, as opposed to sustaining innovation. Disruptive innovation occurs at the intersection of different disciplines and cultures.

  What The Medici Game™ Addresses

  • Creativity

  • Innovation


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