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 SECURE PROJECT SUCCESS Everyone wants to lead successful projects and be effective project managers. However, project management is challenging. Time constraints, budgets, overloaded project members. Learning from mistakes made in projects is possible, but only if you understand what happened.

The Celemi Cayenne™ Challenge

A company has just completed a large project. In hindsight, it did not deliver as much business value as was expected. Budget and time were overrun, and neither project sponsor nor end users seemed satisfied with the result. In Celemi Cayenne™ participants are asked to go back in time. The challenge is to see if they can identify the hot buttons – and deliver a better result. Participants get to analyze signs and symptoms of potential problems and mitigate those using limited resources.The storyline of Celemi Cayenne™ loosely follows an average IT implementation of a new business system.

 The Challenges are Universal

  •  Key stakeholders are not engaged. The participant will have to consider different options: to try to get stakeholders’ attention or trust his/her own judgment?

  •  The project team is overloaded. Take quick action or make systematic changes?

  •  Time is running out and the budget is constrained. Adjust figures or ambitions?

 These and more challenges of project work is what your employees will face in Celemi Cayenne™.

Participants will quickly see that it is not possible to please everyone all the time. The art of project work is to balance the stakeholders’ needs; sponsors, steering group, core team, project delivery team, and the end users of the organization – in order to create maximum business value.

Prepare Your Employees for Project Work

They will:

  •  Better be able to balance the needs of different stakeholder groups

  •  Identify and utilize of key performance measures

  •  Strengthen their ability to read signs and symptoms of potential pitfalls in projects

  •  Become more aware and prepared of the conditions for ongoing projects back on the job

  Who Celemi Cayenne™ is for

  •  Those with project management responsibilities, or any employee who must advance key initiatives within organizations

  When to Use Celemi Cayenne™

  •  When kicking-off a new project: use Cayenne to create a common understanding and preparedness among everybody involved and secure a successful outcome

  •  To get an existing project back on track; by reallocating resources or re-establishing communication

  •  To create good conditions for successful joint projects between system suppliers and their clients

  •  To build a common vocabulary and understanding between specialists and generalists

  •  To complement general project management training courses focused on administrative or operational aspects

  Business Issues it Helps Solving

  •  Group knowledge sharing and creating alignment

  •  Teambuilding, getting to know each other

  •  Kick-start a new project or get an existing project back on track

  •  Gain experience from a full project, from pre-study to implementation, in a single day

 Practice your ability to :

  •  Diagnose signs and symptoms of 30 potential and common project pit falls, and mitigate them using limited resources

  •   Balance the needs of key stakeholders in order to create maximum business value

  •   Understand the full impact of your decisions

  •   Take decisions

  •   Communicate


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