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CELEMI Performance

12/02/2020, 20:12:56


Make People See Opportunities

EXERCISE YOUR BUSINESS MIND – When times are rough, people tend to stop seeing possibilities. For you as a manager, this can be a serious challenge. Participating in the strategic business simulation Celemi Performance™ you and your peers get to exercise your business mind. As a manager you’ll learn how to encourage people to see opportunities – instead of focusing on limitations. 

The Celemi Performance™ Challenge

During the workshop, teams of four participants get to dig into the case story of Fenix Inc., helping this fictitious company get the basics right and create a competitive strategy. All along, you get to reflect on your own reality and business challenges – all with the purpose of developing a shared understanding of what your organization is up against.

What Your People Will Learn

In Celemi Performance™, you’ll learn and dialogue about a strategically crucial issues such as product life cycles, disruptive technologies, supply-chain efficiency, customer segmentation, and short-term versus long-term profitability

Participating in Celemi Performance™ you get the chance to illustrate how small improvements can have a great effect on the bottom line. The business simulation inspires people to focus on what
can be done, even when business conditions are harsh.

Celemi Performance™ creates a broad, shared understanding of the key issues and factors that influence the business. Last, but not least, Celemi Performance™ reminds you of the importance of focusing on customers and understanding their needs.

Who Celemi Performance™ is For

Celemi Performance™ benefits you who is a part of the management team, or in another decision-making group. For instance, you can use the simulation for a strategic planning session.

 Celemi Performance™ is also useful for managers and employees; as a platform for communicating how ongoing initiatives are in line with the strategic direction.

  Business Needs It Helps Solving

  •  Product life cycle

  •  Disruptive technologies

  •  Sustainability

  •  Lean production Markets

  •  Differentiation

  Market strategies

  •  Market intelligence

  •  Operations efficiency

  Organizational structure

  •  Supply chain

  •  Customer strategy

  •  Value-added services

  Customer needs and preferences

  •  Customer intelligence

  • Customer segmentation


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