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The Battle of Market positioning

15/02/2023, 08:13:13


All functions in a company are directly or indirectly contributing to the perception of the company in the market place. It is vital for the strength of the brand that the company's strategy is implemented in a consistent way and that all employees understand how they impact the brand in their touchpoint. Branding is part of everyone's job!
The program will help to reinforce why alignment around market strategy is essential across all functions in a company in order to secure market leadership through differentiation.
The program is using a board-based business game, where participants run their own model company, in competition with each other.


  • Branding from the inside out, we help managers and employees understand how they contribute to build a stronger brand and growth on the market.
  • Inspire your people and help them realize your company’s marketing strategy.
  • Participants gain insights in:
  • Aligning strategy of all touch points (range, price, facilities, service, people and market communication)
  • Importance of market strategy and clear differentiation.
  • Managing business growth & profitability, setting strategy and improving results
  • Better decisions for optimal allocation of limited marketing resources.
  • Increased responsiveness to customer needs and preferences.
  • Deep understanding of the overall business impact of their decisions.


The workshop will be discussion around the following questions:

  • How will you attract and retain a steady customer base?
  • What are your strengths and how can you leverage them?
  • What type of market profile do you want and how will you communicate it?
  • Was your company able to select a position in the market place and hold on to it?
  • Was your company able to attract their customer of choice?
  • Was your company able to maintain the profits level you wanted?
  • Did you spend more money than necessary to maintain the operation?

Topic covered:

  • Customer acquisition - Customer Experience - Customer Retention.
  • Market communication is normally used for driving customer acquisition and is creating expectations…which should be matched by the actual experience in each touch point (living the brand) for improved customer retention and brand strength!

Key concept:

  • Customer purchasing behavior
  • Market positioning
  • Customer segmentation
  • Brand mapping
  • Pricing strategy
  • Image tracking
  • Budgeting

For registration: Ms. Thuy Nguyen

Tel: + 84 28 3930 2242 - 0903 980 025 - E: thuy.nguyen@bemind.com.vn


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