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Category Management (CATMAN)

15/02/2023, 08:09:39


Category management, what is it all about? The workshop will introduce participants to the tools, processes, and methodology required to deliver growth opportunities through adopting category management planning. Participants will learn how to build category relationships between suppliers and retailers, put together effective category plans and develop compelling shopper focused in-store propositions and tactics.

The program is structured into 03 parts as follows:

  • The overview of retailer strategy and category management;
  • How to develop category management strategy;
  • How to create an action plan ready to implement in your chain stores.


The program helps participants to:

  • Understand how retail strategy drives the overall category management process for store-chains;
  • Know what and how to use the 8 steps of category management for your store chains;
  • Know how categories are defined, and segmented to determine the best approach for your store-chains based on store characteristics;
  • Assign category roles and strategies based on your target Shoppers and your most important categories;
  • Understand the key category management data sources, including how they are used and where you can get access to them to build the category scorecard;
  • Know what important factors to implement successfully your category plan;
  • To make strategic decisions for your store chains as it relates to efficient assortment, space management, pricing, and promotion;


  • Retailer Strategy
  • Category Management
  • Category Definition & Segmentation
  • Category Roles & Strategies
  • Understanding & Using Data
  • Category Assessment
  • Efficient Assortment Process & Analytics
  • Space Management
  • Pricing Strategy & Analytics
  • Promotion Strategy & Analytics


  • Retailer owner or functional heads of retailers
  • Category managers of retailers (such as supply chain managers)
  • Trade marketing managers of suppliers (brand)


The workshop is organized by Athena Retail Consulting & Beautiful Mind Consulting 


Ms. Thúy 0903 980 025; thuy.nguyen@athenaretailconsulting.com - thuy.nguyen@bemind.com.vn

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