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04/02/2023, 13:55:10

About Edusport

Education through Sport is a pedagogical approach that uses sport and physical activity as a vehicle to spread a set of values in order to develop specific competencies that can improve different fields in/of life.

Education through Sport helps to enhance social, cultural, moral, ethical competencies to provide changes at personal, professional and social levels.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do”

In the edu-sport program, the participants will get exposed to valuable characters for life and career success through sport and physical activities

These team challenges will get the participants up and jumping, thinking, communicating and collaborating all at the same time.

All activities are carefully designed to build on GRIT characters in order for participants to understand these values simply by playing and having fun.

After each exercise, FOCUSED EXCLUSIVE debriefing group sessions from expert facilitators helps participants capture all learning objectives from each session. Besides listening, the participants will have the chance to actively discuss and evaluate their experiences in order to apply in real life.


Key results & takeaway…

Edusport is an ideal format for typical programs & events:

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