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Situational Leadership

15/02/2023, 08:12:00


Situational Leadership® is a model that allows performance conversations to happen more often and with increased quality.
While leaders use it to have productive conversations about performance, sometimes it is forgotten that the individuals being led are also an important part of the conversation.


Situational Leadership is viewed by many as the most prevalent leadership system in the world. This powerful and pragmatic workshop, based on a simple model of how to adapt one’s behavior – and when – provides an intuitively simple framework for developing people. It is a model that works across culture, language and geographical barriers by helping leaders diagnose the needs of individuals or teams at a particular point in time and to use the leadership style that responds to the performance needs of the situation.


The program will help participants:

  • Determine their primary and backup leadership style
  • Select a leadership style appropriate for a situation
  • Determine the skill and motivational level of employees
  • Effectively address difficult performance issues
  • Develop and retain team talent
  • Understand & use behavior philosophy to help participants see themselves as other see them. This highlights the need to adapt their approach and communication channels to suit different types of person in order to build more trusting relationships.


For all level leaders/managers

For registration: Ms. Thuy Nguyen

Tel: + 84 28 3930 2242 - 0903 980 025 - E: thuy.nguyen@bemind.com.vn

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