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20/03/2020, 14:33:33

Exercise Your Business Mind

Execute your strategy – the one that leads to winning results. Think strategically. Deal with uncertainties. It is a major challenge to get your people behind your strategy in a rapidly changing marketplace. Success is a moving target. In the Celemi Enterprise business simulation, six companies will compete for the same customers in a dynamic marketplace. All participants take on the role of management teams, consisting of Marketing & Sales, Development & Services, Planning & Delivery, Finance, and Control.

Teams embark on a business adventure with promises of risks and rewards where they have to be on their toes and think strategically to succeed.
Celemi Enterprise challenges participants to deal with uncertainties and balance short-term results with long-term value. The teams need to:
• Decide on a desired market position.
• Target and sell to preferred customers.
• Meet customer demands by developing an attractive and profitable product portfolio.
• Deliver with excellence by getting the most out of people and processes.
• Create strong, sustainable brand value.
• Keep track of financial results – both short and long term.

The certified facilitator uses a software program to perform a detailed yearly analysis and comparison of the teams’ performances along with a range of objective factors. This leads to intense discussions and links to participants’ experiences in their own business life. At the end of the simulation, there is a next-step exercise where people are invited to draw conclusions about their own areas of responsibility. This ensures that the simulation experience results in sustained, useful knowledge.

Who benefits
• Senior and middle managers of any enterprise with a product and service offering can use the simulation to put strategy into action – fast.
• Co-workers gain a common understanding of the big picture as well as of how they as individuals can contribute to the company’s competitiveness.
• Managers responsible for training can use the simulation for hands-on, interactive education, and for communication of company strategy.

Key results

• Participants gain a common frame of reference of the overall business situation, which they absorb and understand quickly.
• Offers a mental model of how the business works, what the priorities are and how to move forward.
• Encourages people to explore and discover the key value drivers of the business and their relative impact on the organization.
• Helps participants identify the potential for improvement and how they can contribute to strategy via their own role in the organization.
• Inspires people’s desire to make a difference.

Key concepts

Attracting the right customers
• Customer needs, values, and preferences
• Customer segmentation

Using resources wisely
• Tangible and intangible assets
• Knowledge management
• Shareholder value
• Financial indicators, good and bad costs

Prioritizing based on the right information
• Product lifecycle
• Rolling forecast
• Balanced scorecard
• Capacity utilization
• Benchmarking

Staying competitive in a changing market
• Value propositions
• Pricing and product portfolio
• Positioning and branding
• Operational efficiency
• “Red and blue oceans”
• Market intelligence

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